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Health Spa Hungary

Explore our thermal spas in Hungary

Hungary´s turquoise lakes, deep forests and large number of thermal springs attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Ensana offers thermal spa hotels and access to thermal baths in some of the best spa towns in Hungary. Among them are the two Ensana spa hotels in Budapest, another two in Hévíz and one in Sárvár. These spa resorts in Hungary provide their guests with the healing and comfort of luxurious thermal baths whose mineral springs were discovered in the ancient Roman times. They have been used for therapy, disease prevention and follow-up care following injuries or serious illnesses ever since. 

Ensana Hotels in Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

This health spa hotel in Budapest offers not only proprietary thermal springs, a large spa and wellness area and outstanding medical expertise, but also beautiful rooms and conference areas situated in the most verdant location in the city!

Hévíz, Hungary

More than 40 years of experience and extensive knowledge-base in the medical application of the unique local remedies make us the hotel health leader at the most prestigious Hungarian spa destination. Excellence in wellness therapies and outstanding service will make your stay a memorable and healthful one.

Sárvár, Hungary

In the Thermal Sárvár Health Spa Hotel, classic spa programmes utilise the renowned local thermal waters that specifically target musculoskeletal problems. Sárvár combines this geographical treasure with even more: excellent cuisine, warm service and an exceptional wonderland at your doorstep.

Hévíz, Hungary

The most popular all-inclusive health spa hotel in Hévíz offers something for every generation, whether you’re looking for a way to stay healthy, to get some rest and recuperation, have a wellness break or find fun activities for the children. Benefit from the amazing power of the deservedly famous medicinal hot spring waters and mud in the hotel’s own Spa.

Budapest, Hungary

The Grand Hotel has it all - flair and charm  combined with the most advanced medical expertise and infrastructure, access to effective natural remedies situated in the most verdant location in the city. Simply Grand!

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