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 Colourful Bunch of Events

Enjoy the rich cultural offerings of this Hungarian health spa and wellness town 

In Hévíz, everything revolves around the healing thermal waters. Well, not entirely! Hévíz is not only a spa town with a large choice of spa hotels, but it’s also a town of culture and festivals. Hévíz invites you to join in art and cultural events of the highest quality all year round. Combine your health or relaxation holiday with a visit to a festival or a concert and end your evenings in Hévíz in high spirits.

Events in Hévíz

We’ve put together a summary of the most important events for you here:

Excitement of Carnival

For two days each year, Hévíz is in Carnival fever. Events include a festive Carnival parade, a doughnut competition, the ice disco and typical folk customs, such as the burning of the “straw puppet” to drive out the cold winter.

Joyous Peaceful Times in Hévíz

The festival commemorates the golden years of Hévíz. During the imperial and royal monarchy, Hévíz was one of the most beautiful health spa towns in Austria-Hungary. Historical costumes reminiscent of the period between 1860 and 1930, music and dance as well as vintage bicycles put you in that royal-imperial mood.

Easter Festival

At this festival, the most prominent representatives of Hungarian folk art will showcase the local Easter customs and traditions. These include an arts and handicrafts fair, traditional Easter dishes and plenty of folklore.

Flavius Day

The new wine quarter in Egregy devotes itself in April to the town’s Roman past. In addition to the remains of the Roman villa, gladiatorial combats, toga parades, Roman hairstyles and old board games, street musicians and a flea market are all reminiscent of the traditions of the Roman era. And of course, suitable food and drink is served.

The Pentecost Festival

The Pentecost Festival invites your participation with a cheery colourful programme. Traditionally, at the festival, the “Pentecost King and Queen” are chosen each year.

Week of Angels and Vagabonds

This three-day festival at the end of June offers its visitors a colourful programme of music and art in the centre of Hévíz. Listen to all types of music: country, pop, Dixieland, guitar, accordion and brass bands, folk and jazz. Showmen, living statues, acrobats, stilt walkers, painters, cartoonists and street artists of all kinds show you what they can do. Enjoy quite a few fascinating days and evenings at several venues throughout the town during the Week of Angels and Vagabonds.

Flavours, Dances, Good Neighbours

Boundless hospitality is at the centre of this festival in July. It’s a festival of folk song and Hungarian cuisine as well as that of its neighbouring countries. Naturally, this includes a handicraft fair.

Nostalgia Festival

During the Nostalgia Weekend in August, music from chamber music ensembles and pianists fills the air of the centre of Hévíz. With waltzes and candlelight you can experience the nostalgic atmosphere on the terraces of the cafés and restaurants.

Hévíz Wine Festival

Visitors to the annual Wine Festival in August can expect a unique cultural and culinary affair. In addition to the wineries from the local area, wine producers from the prominent Hungarian wine regions showcase themselves at their very best on the “Wine Street” at Festetics Square. Wine lovers can enjoy a variety of noble wines under the old plane trees in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Vintage Festival in Egregy

The Vintage Festival in September keeps the traditions of the grape harvest alive. Enjoy genuine Hungarian folklore, music and Hungarian wine. 

St Martin’s Festival

St Martin’s Day in Hévíz offers a great programme for the whole family. Handicraft workshops, the St Martin’s parade, and mulled wine and tea are just a few of the things on offer for participants.

Organ Recitals, Jazz Friday and Folklore

The large churches in Hévíz invite you to their organ recitals, as the ceremonial room at the town hall is reserved for jazz music on Fridays and folklore is celebrated at Deák Square on Thursdays. Find out about the best of what’s going on from the current programme and take your pick from what you like.

Party and Nightlife at Lake Balaton

Do you prefer to party well into the early morning? Hévíz is only 6 kilometres away from Lake Balaton  and the nightlife at Lake Balaton is really in a class of its own. In the clubs, on the party ship and at events of all kinds, it’s all happening here. Be there!

Don’t let yourself miss out.

The cultural and events programme in Hévíz and the surrounding area will transform your spa or therapeutic stay into an unforgettable experience.

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