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Piešťany, Slovakia

Unique Spa Island in Europe

On a beautifully landscaped island, with lily ponds and peacocks, in the middle of Slovakia’s River Váh, sits a complex of six Ensana spa hotels, all dedicated to your health and wellbeing.

Piešt’any’s peacock emblem refers to the legend of the bird who wallowed in the island’s muddy swamps until its broken leg was healed. The island’s other symbol, a bronze crutch breaker, is also testimony to the power of the sulphurous muds and hot thermal water, that have given Piešt’any its centuries-long, global reputation for healing muscular skeletal and locomotive conditions.

Our famous Mud Pool, lit by shafts of light from stained glass windows under a vaulted dome, is a masterpiece of Art Nouveau design, rivalled nowhere else in all of Europe.

Idyllic Piešt’any is a paradise spa island for health spa tourists.

Piešťany Spa

With 100 years of expertise in health, regeneration & relaxation

Treating Complaints of the Musculoskeletal System

Natural therapies at Piešt’any are particularly effective for increasing mobility and releasing physical pain and tension. They treat a range of symptoms affecting the muscular-skeletal system:

  • General degenerative disorders that cause stress on joints and wear and tear on cartilage.
  • Back and neck pain
  • Slipped discs
  • Hip and knees problems
  • Inflammation especially rheumatism and arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Weight loss
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Some skin disorders

However, you need not have any of these symptoms to enjoy a healthful, relaxing and luxurious spa stay with us at Piešt’any.

Thermal Water and Healing Mud

Piešt’any’s natural resources are thermal mineral water, which rises from more than 2000 metres below ground, and curative, sulphurous mud, marinaded – or ‘ripened’ in our water for a whole year before use in treatments with exceptional results.

  • 69°C warm, highly mineralized, sulphurous healing water 
  • Unique sulphurous healing mud with unique elaboration process
  • Great experience in natural medicine
  • Particularly anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects

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sulfur healing mud

Traditional and Modern Therapies

Our doctors create personal plans for 'cure' guests that combine traditional spa treatments with modern therapies so that you get the best measurable results for your health goals.

  • Balneotherapy, hydrotherapy and mud packs using our unique natural healing resources
  • Medical massages and physiotherapy 
  • Additional physical therapies such as electro- or magnetotherapy
  • Personalised fitness programmes, nutritional advice and lifestyle consulting.

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All-Round Wellbeing

Our spa in Piešťany offers a full range of wellness and beauty treatments to add to your relaxation, recovery and pleasure. We believe that how we look and feel inside and out, plays an important role in our overall health and happiness. Choose from:

  • Facials and body treatments using natural product lines
  • Massages and body rituals
  • Beauty services: nails, hair, waxing
  • Sauna and steam rooms

Ask at Reception for details.


Healing Springs with Rich History

Piešťany has always enjoyed an excellent international reputation

Piešťany's spa history dates back to the 16th century but by the 19th century, it has become a favourite health destination for international visitors including aristocrats and royality such as Prussian Emperor Wilhelm II and the Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand I.

  • Innovative treatment methods attracted many spa guests.
  • Piešťany remains one of the leading rheumatic spas in Europe.
  • Spa guests have also always enjoyed a gracious spa park and cultural programme.

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Irma Spa Center Piestany
Piešťany, Slovakia

A beautiful gem in Art-Nouveau style and one of the best 5* spa hotels in Slovakia, this hotel is located on the green spa island of Piešťany and offers high-quality medical programmes based on the destination’s natural healing resources and a unique mud pool at the historic Irma Health Spa.

Piešťany, Slovakia

Book your next holiday at our sizable Four-Star hotel with leading health spa services in the largest balneotherapy centre in central Europe! You will enjoy plenty of space for work and play in our large event area and then luxuriate in the many pools and rejuvenating sauna zone. All set in beautiful natural surroundings of the lush Spa Island of Piešťany. 

Piešťany, Slovakia

Renovated rooms in modern design, excellent Slovak and international cuisine, expert medical competence and outstanding facilities to fully enjoy your healing health spa holidays make this Ensana Health Spa Hotel a very pleasant and enjoyable option for your Piešťany holidays – all at an affordable rate.

Piešťany, Slovakia

A favourite for regulars of our Spa Island, this 3* hotel also offers direct access to the Balnea Health Spa, the best spa structure in Slovakia. This means high quality health and spa services based on the destination’s famous natural remedies at a really good price.

Piešťany, Slovakia

Elegant design, authentic cuisine, professional medical competence and an outstanding venue for your blissful healing health spa holidays make this Ensana Health Spa Hotel a must-go option for your individual stay in Piešťany.

Piešťany, Slovakia

Traditional yet functional, conveniently located, cosy and affordable two-star health spa hotel with high quality health and wellness treatments based on legendary local thermal mineral sulphur water and sulphur mud. Enjoy your healthy vacations with genuine Slovak hospitality and natural healing benefits!

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Ensana Health Spa Hotels in Piešťany, Slovakia

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